Oat hay for Guinea Pigs

Feeding Your Guinea Pig Oat Hay 

Oat hay for guinea pigs.  What’s that all about then?  After all, hay is hay, isn’t it?


Actually, hay’s quite a complex subject.  But luckily, when it comes to knowing which type of hay to feed your guinea pig, you only need to know a few key factors.

You’ve probably noticed that here at Small Pet Select, we bang on about timothy hay somewhat.  And for good reason, because it’s generally regarded as the best type of hay to feed your piggies on a daily basis (with just a few exceptions, as we’ll discuss in more detail in just a moment).


But what if you can’t get hold of timothy hay.  Would it be alright to feed oat hay for guinea pigs?


Is oat hay good for guinea pigs?


Well, the short answer to that question is, yes – absolutely.  In many areas of the country it can be a challenge to get hold of timothy hay for your piggies that’s of good enough quality, or even any timothy hay at all.  But you might well be able to purchase oat hay for guinea pigs.  And it’s fine to feed this to your pets.


You see, oat hay comes under the same group of hays as timothy – and that’s known as a grass hay.  Both of these are high in fiber and low in protein and calories, so the right kind of hay to be feeding your piggies on an ad-lib basis.

Some pets like eating oat hay, others not so much.  The same as humans, each piggy has his own personality and favorite foods.

feeding oat hay for guinea pigs


Here at Small Pet Select we don’t sell oat hay for guinea pigs – we sell timothy hay.  And if you’re having trouble getting hold of a great quality hay for your piggies, then check out our hay page.


Hopefully that’s answered some questions about whether it’s okay to feed oat hay to guinea pigs, and made the complicated subject of hay just that little bit clearer.

Till next time – love those piggies…


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