Oat Hay for Rabbits

Feeding Your Rabbits Oat Hay


When looking at the best hay to feed your pets, you might well come across oat hay for rabbits.


So what is oat hay?  Is it different (or better) than timothy hay?  After all, timothy is the easiest to get hold of – in most areas – so why would you feed anything different?  And what if you can’t get hold of timothy hay.  Would it be okay to feed oat hay as an alternative?


Is Oat Hay Safe For Rabbits?


The first thing to understand is that there are, in general, two different types of hay.  These are known as grass hays and legume hays.


Looking at the latter first, legume hays (such as alfalfa hay) are generally a higher protein, higher calorie option that might be fed to rabbits at times of their lives when they have increased energy needs.  These might include pregnant and nursing mothers, baby and growing rabbits and geriatric or rehabilitating rabbits.  But in general, the hay most of us feed our rabbits are grouped under the title of grass hays.


Grass hays include timothy, bermuda, brome and oat hay.  Many people feed oat hay to rabbits, either because they can’t get hold of timothy hay or as part of a mixture of grass hays.  And whilst we at Small Pet Select don’t sell oat hay for rabbits (we sell timothy hay), there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t feed oat hay to your pets.  And many rabbits love it.

feeding oat hay for bunnies


The most important thing to make sure when feeding any type of hay to your bunnies is that it’s of the best quality you can get hold of.  Hay – including oat hay – should smell sweet and fragrant, be soft to the touch, a nice green color and have no dust whatsoever.  As long as you stick rigidly to that criteria, you know you’ll be giving your buns the very best hay nutrition you can.


And if you’ve not checked out our timothy hay for rabbits, why not take a look at our hay page to see what we’ve got on offer.


Till next time – love those bunnies…


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