Orchard Hay for Chinchillas

Feeding Your Chinchillas Orchard Hay


Okay, so it’s pretty common knowledge that timothy hay is not only the easiest grass hay to get hold of, but probably the best that you can feed your pet.  However, there might be times when you either can’t get hold of it, or perhaps another reason why you might want to feed a different hay.  So what about feeding orchard hay – is orchard hay good for chinchillas?


Well, in a word – yes!  And there are a few reasons why you might do so.


Timothy hay vs orchard hay for chinchillas


So, let’s first talk about the nutritional content of the two different hays.  And the main one is that orchard hay has a slightly lower calcium content than timothy.


It also is somewhat softer than timothy and has less visible seed heads.  On rare occasions some animals can have a reaction to timothy hay, which is often a reason why some owners feed orchard hay instead.  It’s still a grass hay, and many chinnies will happily munch away on this as much as they will timothy.


It’s all a matter of personal preference.   And whilst we at Small Pet Select don’t sell orchard hay for chinchillas (we sell timothy hay), the same advice that we give about hay applies just as much to orchard.  And that’s that no matter what hay you feed, it should be of the very best quality that you can find.  Should smell sweet, be a good green color and have no dust or mold whatsoever.


Stick by that rule for the hay you feed, and you can be sure that you’re providing your chin with the very best hay nutrition possible – whether you’re feeding hardy timothy hay or fresh orchard hay to your chinchilla.

orchard hay for chinchillas


Till next time, love those chinnies….


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