Orchard Hay for Guinea Pigs

Feeding your Guinea Pig Orchard Hay


If you’re hunting around for hay for your pet, you might well come across the option of orchard hay for guinea pigs.


And naturally, you’ll wonder what this is, and if it’s orchard hay good for your pet?


Well, the easiest answer to this is yes, it’s fine to feed orchard hay to guinea pigs.  But why would you do this?  And what’s the difference between this and the more readily available timothy hay?


Timothy hay vs Orchard hay for guinea pigs


First it’s necessary to understand that both timothy hay and orchard hay for guinea pigs come under the group of grass hays.  This means that they’re both high in fiber and relatively low in calories and protein.  However, orchard hay for guinea pigs is also a little lower in calcium, as well as having other slight differences in nutritional content.


Visually there are some differences as well.


Orchard hay tends to be a little softer to the touch than timothy, and also has less seed heads.  Some people feed orchard grass hay in preference to timothy, although in general it’s a little more awkward to get hold of – and as less is produced for small pets then sometimes it can be challenging to get hold of the best quality orchard hay.


And while we at Small Pet Select don’t sell orchard hay for guinea pigs (we sell timothy hay for guinea pigs), the one all-encompassing point that is valid for whatever hay you feed, is to give your piggies the best quality hay you can get your hands on.


Be it orchard hay, timothy hay or any other type of hay, it should smell fresh, be a nice green color and contain absolutely no dust whatsoever.  And the biggest test is that your guinea pig loves eating it – because he (or she) really is the best judge of that.

 orchard hay for guinea pig


Till next time, love those piggies….


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