Easter rabbit rescue love stories

The winners of our Rescue Love Stories, Easter Edition contest were chosen randomly from all participants.  The winners will get a Lake Champlain Chocolate rabbit, if Wolf hasn't eaten up all the chocolate first.

​Our winners are (drumroll please):

​Patricia Krause

Rod Nakamura

Judy Cadman​

And here is Angel's story, the first of the three Easter rescues love stories:

My name is Angel. I’m a forgotten Easter bunny. On Easter 2016, a little girl won me at a church Easter lottery. I was just a baby. At first they would play with me and give me attention, but the kids were little and dropped me and broke my feet. No one went to the vet with me, but they stuck me in a small plastic storage box, put the lid on and forgot about me. No one cleaned the box for weeks, I had sores on my feet and I became very sick, kept falling over and was just skin and bones. The mom of the girl posted an ad online and the next day my new mom picked me up and nursed me back to health. She thought I would die, but I had a very strong will to live. I know somebunny loves me now and I enjoy playing with me three new bunny friends.

Angel's human also shared a note with us that made us tear up.  THIS is why we do what we do:

I took in Angel in February 2017 and she had to undergo 4 weeks of treatment with strong antibiotics and Panacur for an e. cuniculi infection. She has made a full recovery despite SEVERE neurological problems when I took her in and a very poor prognosis. I literally thought she would not survive – esp. since she was so malnourished and weak on top of all her other health problems. She is only a year old. I believe it is thanks to your high quality feed that she made such an impressive recovery! She didn’t even know what hay was when I took her in, now she buries herself in her fresh hay every morning and evening. She loves the herbs and pellets and was at perfect weight 4 weeks after her rescue. Her coat is now shiny and she looks healthy and binkies around the house! Thank you so very much for what you do! You helped save little Angel!

We'll be posting the next two stories in the coming days, so keep an eye out for more Rescue Love!