Treats, please: Fun & Healthy Treats For Your Small Animal This Halloween

Trick or treat. Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat. Admit it.
You’ve got that little diddy stuck in your head now, huh? Tis the time of
the year for plenty of tricks and treats. Even if we’re too old to go trick or treating, we still swipe a few pieces (okay, maybe more) of candy from the
candy bucket just waiting for the evening’s trick or treaters.

But, why should we humans have all the fun?

Help your bunny, piggy, or chinny all celebrate with some treats – healthy
treats, of course – of their own. After all, it wouldn’t be Halloween without
the treats.

Dried Fruit Slices

Mmm…mmm…what small animal doesn’t love fruit so much that, if given a choice, that just might be all they ate? Here’s a secret. Dried fruit – like dried strawberries and banana chips – can help your small animal with her daily intake of vitamin C.

But, don’t just hand that treat to your little one. Make it fun for her. Hide it around her living space so she can forage for it.

Fresh Fruit

Ever seen a rabbit eat a banana? You might faint from the absolute cuteness of her little teeth moving back and forth as she munches (oh, how adorable it sounds!) that tasty treat. A small piece of fresh fruit promises the perfect Halloween treat for your small animal.

Pine Cones

Did you know that small animals love to chew on (clean, non-treated pine cones)? You can either clean and dry the pine cones from your backyard. Or, you could opt for Small Pet Select’s special pine cone treat, topped with fruit puree and wrapped in botanicals.

Hay, hay, hay!

Yep. Hay’s the staple in your little one’s diet but spice things up a bit this Halloween. Add some fresh flowers and berries to her daily hay pile. Or, even just leave piles hidden around her area.

An Unexpected Treat

We all sniffed out the best houses in the neighborhood when we were kids, right? You know the houses where you got a whole candy bar, change, or something totally awesome that wasn’t candy. Become that house for your small animal. Add a fun treat to her Halloween loot.

If you’ve got a boxer, she’ll love a mobile to push around with her paws and her nose. Or, choose a straw ball that you can toss to your little. one. She can push it back or throw it up in the air on her own.

And, of course, what small animal can say no to shredding an old phone book? A good go to, especially if you’re tight for time.


If you give your small animal flowers, pine cones, or other edibles from outdoors, always make sure they are untreated/haven't been treated with pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

Halloween Safety

Don’t forget to keep a close eye on your little one this Halloween. All that door bell ringing and the choruses of “trick or treat” for two hours can become stressful for them. Click here to read about some really simple and effective ways to make Halloween, and the coming holidays, much easier on your small animal.

Happy Halloween!