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Can guinea pigs eat grapefruit

  Can guinea pigs eat grapefruit?   Alot of guinea pig owners are curious about fruit they can feed their guinea pig, and one question that many ask is can guinea pigs eat grapefruit or not.  The main thing to understand about fruits such as grapefruit is that they are high in sugar.  And if […]

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Can bunnies eat grapes?

   Can bunnies eat grapes?   Additionally, it’s worth noting that the most important thing you can provide to your bunny is a fresh supply of high quality timothy hay, fresh water changed daily, as well as quality rabbit pellets.  Do this right and you’ll be on your way to a more healthy and happy […]

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can guinea pigs eat peanut butter?

  Can guinea pigs eat peanut butter?   While peanut butter may not be poisonous to guinea pigs, most everyone would agree it really has no place in the guinea pigs diet as it is high in fat and serves no purpose other than potentially upsetting your guinea pigs stomach.  Peanut butter, especially if fed […]

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Can rabbits eat popcorn?

Can rabbits eat popcorn?   Although some will claim that they’ve been able to feed popcorn to rabbits, the fact is that popcorn really doesn’t provide any nutritional benefit to the animal, and can only have the negative effect of potentially causing digestive and potential health problems in the short term, as well as unnecessary […]

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