Timothy Hay Pellets

All the Goodness of Fresh Timothy Hay in a Compact Pellet Form


We are pleased to announce our new timothy hay pellets.  We have been working on these for a long time and we are very excited to finally make them available.   These pellets are of course timothy based.  We use only the finest ingredients including hand selected high quality timothy hay.  The pellets will round out the diet for small pets as they are nutritionally complete with all the essential vitamins and minerals that these animals need to stay healthy.


Below are some pictures of the timothy pellets:


rabbit pellets with timothy hay



The timothy pellets shown in the photo above were literally milled last week.   The picture may not look much different than what you might find in the store, but the the smell is noticeably stronger because of this — and we are happy to say the taste testers did approve:-).



Rabbit Pellets



We currently have two different formulas, one for rabbits and one for guinea pigs.  The main difference between the rabbit pellets and the guinea pig pellets is that the guinea pig pellets are fortified with a stabilized form of Vitamin C (as most guinea pig owners will know, guinea pigs are unable to produce their own vitamin c and have to get it through their food).



Guinea Pig Pellets



Nutritionally, these pellets include all of the same ingredients that the most popular store bought brands contain…the formula is actually almost identical to the leading store brand.  The main difference in these pellets is really just the fact that they are made in smaller batches and delivered direct which makes them very appetizing for your pet, they are more fresh so you should notice a stronger aroma when opening the bag.


How Much Timothy Hay Pellets Should I Feed?


It is recommended that 70% to 80% of a small pets diet be made up of grass hay…so this is very important to understand.  However, high quality timothy pellets do serve an important purpose because they are fortified with all of the essential vitamins and minerals that your pet would not be able to get through a diet of grass hay alone.  When these timothy based pellets are fed in combination with our high quality hay along with fresh water and moderate amounts of fresh vegetables your pet will have everything they need to thrive.


So to make it simple, currently we are only selling the pellets in combination with our timothy hay product.  We will sell the approximate amount of pellets should be given with the hay.  We are doing it this way because we want people to know that pellets do not replace the need for high quality grass hay in the diet of small pets.




Timothy Hay + Rabbit Pellets





Timothy Hay + Guinea Pig Pellets 


To learn more about the fresh timothy hay used in our pellets – visit out Timothy Hay page