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"I got my second box of Timothy Hay yesterday, it smells as fresh as the first box which our girls went through FAST! They munched, munched away! Plus I signed-up to receive Timothy hay on an auto-schedule, so I don't have to worry about getting more hay in time. Your hay is awesome!" - Miss Reese

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Best Timothy Hay for sale

Timothy Hay

Soft, green, and so fragrant you can practically smell the meadows - this is the kind of timothy hay our pets would pick for themselves if they could. The sole purpose of Small Pet Select is to find the highest quality timothy hay in the world and deliver it fresh and direct to the door of small animal owners across the continental U.S...because pets deserve great hay - plain and simple!

Cheap Timothy Hay Pellets for small pets

Timothy Hay Pellets

We have been working on our pellets for a long time and we are very excited to finally make them available. These pellets are timothy hay based. We use only the finest ingredients including hand selected high quality timothy hay. The pellets will round out the diet for small pets as they are nutritionally complete with all the essential vitamins and minerals that these animals need to stay healthy.

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Timothy hay review by Jamie Glaser of

Timothy hay review by HedgiePiggyLove on YouTube

The Importance of Hay for Small Animals

From their teeth to their digestive system, timothy hay for chinchillas plays a vital role in their diet. And naturally, responsible chinchilla owners want to understand as much as they can about their pet's needs. Timothy hay for guinea pigs is important, and it makes sense that you want to know as much as possible about this crucial element of your pet's diet. Timothy hay for rabbits; vital for our pets in so many ways. From fiber to dentistry, timothy is a fibrous material that is critical to your small pet.

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Fresh timothy hay from small pet select

Our 100% Farm Fresh Hay Guarantee

Try our timothy hay or pellets. If you don't love them, we insist you get 100% of your money back. We'll even eat the shipping and the credit - card processing fees!

Why does Small Pet Select offer this unbeatable guarantee?

It relates directly to our mission as a company. We sincerely believe that many small animals across the country are suffering from lack of fiber in their diet, as this is one of the biggest health problems for rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas. Much of the timothy hay found in stores is of lower quality, and ends up being wasted. When we started shipping our premium quality timothy hay out direct and fresh from the farm, the feedback we got was overwhelming. People were thanking us for this hay because they're pet was having problems eating the hay from the stores - we felt we were really helping people and their pets! That is a great feeling. So, with this guarantee, we just want to make sure every person out there has a chance to try our timothy hay out risk free. We are confident in our product and that it will be a positive thing for you and your pet, but if you don't agree we will give you a refund, no questions asked!

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Here’s what our customers are saying
Timothy Hay Reviews

Very Tasty...

From Milo's Momma of O'Fallon, Missouri on 10/14/2015.

Received my shipment of Timothy Hay last week, and couldn't wait to set Milo free in the box! Once I opened the sweet smelling package, he hopped right in and started happily munching away! The 2nd cut hay seems very fresh, and is stiffer than the hay he was previously eating, which I'm hoping is really good for his teeth! He seems to really enjoy this hay, so I'm guessing it's very tasty! :)

Great stuff!

From Courtney Armistead of Shillington, Pennsylvania on 10/14/2015.

My bunny is very picky. I first got her Oxbow hay and she hardly ate any of it, causing digestive problems. I saw this on Instagram and decided to give it a try. She likes this hay so much more. (Preferably the flat leafy pieces). I also don't like shopping so having this delivered within days is a plus for me!

Very pleased

From Bethany Campbell of Creston, Iowa on 7/10/2015.

After reading reviews for this hay I decided to give it a try. We had been purchasing hay from the pet store and was frustrated at the inconsistency in the quality. Also, my bunny is picky and would waste at least as much as he ate of the other stuff. When this hay arrived (and quickly after ordering) I appreciated the box packaging and was pleased to see my bunny often eating every piece of this hay given to him. While this hay is only slightly more expensive than what we had been purchasing - it is a MUCH better deal. My bunny loves it and eats it all. I will Continue purchasing this. Very pleased! Thank you.

Buster's First Choice

From Anonymous of Somers, New York on 6/3/2015.

Nothing gets this bunny more excited that a new fresh box of 2nd cut Timothy hay. Densely packed, yet soft and fragrant, our 2 lb rabbit does prefer more bite sized hay pieces, so when serving we cut the larger strands. This has cut way down on his stasis episodes.

Yes, so much YES

From Maya Jones of Meadville, Pennsylvania on 2/17/2015.

I turned to Small Pet Select when I infected my bun for a second time messing around with hay from local farms. Since getting rid of Mites is not my favorite pass time, I gave this place a try and WE LOVE IT! It lasts a month with other things in her diet. I will be buying the 20lb next time cause she likes to use it for bedding as well. Thank you Small Pet Select! I can't wait for our next package.

Great Hay!

From Naomi Gunn of Statesville, North Carolina on 2/13/2015.

Due to an error on my part, I ran out of my last box of hay that I feed my Guinea Pig, Twitter,and had to resort to buying a small bag of hay from the local pet store. He was not happy with that, and ate a minimal amount. As soon as I received this box, I immediately put some into his feeder, and he was once again a happy pig!

Highly Recommend

From Theresa of Middleton , Wisconsin on 1/28/2015.

I highly recommend this hay! I've never tried anything but oxbow but I've been having a hare time finding soft hay. Lately Oxbow has been very hard straw like and not very green. My rabbit & guinea pigs wouldn't touch it. I'm so glad I went to Google and put in where to find soft green hay. I just got my first box today and they have been eating it non stop. Yay so excited. Now going to be a forever customer !!!

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The 3 Benefits of Using
Small Pet Select Timothy Hay

Timmothy hay delivered fresh

Fresher hay is better hay! Your pet will eat more, which means they'll stay healthy and avoid dental and digestive issues!

best timothy hay for sale
timmothy hay delivered fast

Super fast Delivery, take the chore out of going to the pet store. We deliver anywhere in the U.S. within 2-3 business days!

cheap timothy hay
buy timothy hay in bulk

Cheaper than the pet stores on a cost per lb basis! We sell timothy hay in bulk boxes (10lbs, 20lbs, 60lbs). Compare our price on a cost per lb basis to the small bags at the store and you'll see you're saving a lot of money!

Just how much timothy hay
do pets need to eat?

rabbit diet and guinea pig diet

Veterinarians recommend that timothy hay (or some other kind of grass hay) make up 80% of your small pets diet. Yes, that's right...80%! That doesn't mean you give them hay every once in awhile, or even a handful everyday. It means they should have access to high quality timothy hay within their living area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year! Please see below small animal food pyramid how the diet should break down, according to veterinarians:

Notice how small of a portion sweets, veggies, and pellets make up. Are you feeding too much of any of these? To give you an estimated amount in terms of volume of hay they should be eating, the average small pet (rabbit or guinea pig) should be eating about 1 lb of hay per week, give or take depending on the size and appetite of the animal. Most people aren't doing this and it's part of the reason so many small pets end up in the veterinary office with dental or digestive issues!

Please make sure your pet has access to good hay at all times, and if you are giving them plenty of hay but they aren't eating much, you probably have a hay quality problem. If this is you we would encourage you to try Small Pet Select!

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What's wrong with the hay in the stores?

low quality stale hay for rabbits guinea pigs and chinchillas


Timothy hay in the stores is usually at least 1 year old, and often times 2 years old or more! That's because this hay has to go through a much longer supply chain. Our hay is delivered so fast you can smell the fresh farm quality.

dry and yellow orchard grass hay

Dry and yellow

The hay sold in stores is packaged in small plastic bags. This allows light in and it causes the hay to bleach (basically the hay is losing its moisture so it becomes dried out and yellow).

Pulverized Chaffed timothy hay for sale

Pulverized / Chaffed

The hay has to be handled multiple times. First the manufacturer stuffs the hay into a bag, then they ship it to a distributor where it is handled again, then they ship to the retailer where it is handled even more. Hay is a fragile product, so by the time it arrives, it can be pulverized and chaffed, and your pet ends up wasting a lot of what you buy.

buy Timothy hay in bulk

Size options are too small

Most of the hay sold in stores is between 1-3lbs. Considering the average pet eats 1lb per week, this is not going to be enough unless the pet owner buys a ton of these small bags of timothy hay. The problem is these small bags cost a lot! It's no wonder then why so many small animals have to go to the vet for digestive or dental issues...who can afford to spend so much money on hay!

How Small Pet Select got started

how Small pet select started selling timothy hay

We started Small Pet Select back in 2012 because my Mom had gotten a guinea pig named Lizzy that would not eat her timothy hay from the stores. I was a little upset at my Mom when I found out about this, because we happened to live in Ellensburg Washington, which is literally the timothy hay capital of the world! I knew I could get Lizzy way better hay than what she was getting from the stores. And sure enough, when I did, she gobbled it down and asked for more.

It's so funny looking back, here my mom was buying these small bags from the store and the quality was awful...and we literally had the best hay farms in the world right in our back yard. And that's when we thought to send samples out to other small animal owners. We knew there are so many small animals out there just like Lizzy that are not getting enough timothy hay into their diet simply because they didn't like what they were eating and because the hay in the stores wasn't fresh. Long story short, people LOVED the samples we sent out and begged us to begin selling it in bigger quantities.

And so that's how we started, all because of our picky little guinea pig named Lizzy that wouldn't eat the timothy hay from the stores!

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