Our Process

Timothy Hay

Our hay is Easy, Convenient and Guaranteed to be the Hay your Pets Love to Eat.

But how can we promise this? First we hand select the highest quality timothy hay for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. Then we ensure the following:

Quality Control

Small Pet Select timothy hay undergoes a quality control process second to none. We're a very small operation with limited volume, meaning we're able to watch closely while hand packaging the timothy hay… This ensures the quality of timothy hay in each and every box is top of the line.

Protective Packaging

Our goal is to keep the hay as close to its natural state as possible. Small Pet Select timothy hay is never over handled. Small Pet Select timothy hay is uniquely packaged in a protective box (high strength, corrugated with no plastic wrapping). Ultimately, this means the hay is not damaged during transit and storage. Additionally the box features an open and closing mechanism, making for easy and convenient storage for pet owners.

Fresh, Fast Delivery

Small Pet Select Timothy Hay is delivered direct to your door, fresh, green and fragrant. And we're so sure your pets will love it, that we provide a no-quibble money back guarantee should you or your furry friends not be 100% satisfied… Timothy hay for small pets. It's what we do, and we pride ourselves in doing it right!

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