Timothy Hay Pellets For Guinea Pigs

The Best Guinea Pig Pellets Out There

Of course, it’s common knowledge that adult guinea pigs need timothy hay on an adlib basis for good health.  But we also feed most piggies a pelleted food as well.  And in most cases this would be timothy hay pellet for guinea pigs.

But what are they exactly?  Why do we feed them and how on earth do you make a choice from all the different brands available?

Well, here at Small Pet Select we endeavor to provide as much information to guinea pig owners as possible.  And luckily, finding out a little about guinea pig pellets isn’t that difficult once you know a few easy facts.

timothy hay pellets for guinea pig


What exactly are Timothy Hay Pellets?

Guinea pig pellets are also known as ‘cubes.’  And, although we won’t be giving out any prizes for having already guessed this, the ingredient in the largest proportion of the pellets is…. Da da dah… Timothy hay!

But along with this, the pellets contain a carefully balanced mixture of the essential vitamins and minerals that your piggy needs to remain in good health.  And this also includes (with pretty much all good quality pellets), being fortified with the vital vitamin C that your piggy needs to gain from an outside source on a daily basis.


Reasons why timothy pellets are good for your guinea pig

Timothy hay pellets provide an easy way of ensuring that your guinea pigs get the various nutrients, vitamins and minerals that they need on a daily basis.  Naturally, they need a constant supply of top quality timothy hay as well, but with the main item of timothy hay pellets being hay, then they also are a great source of the fiber he needs for good health.


What to look for when you buy timothy hay pellets for guinea pigs

When you purchase guinea pig pellets, it’s essential that the main ingredient of them is definitely timothy hay.   Guinea pig pellets are labeled in the same manner as that of human food – with the product making up the greatest quantity being top of the list.

This makes choosing the best brand of pellets to buy somewhat easier, because if the first item on the list isn’t timothy hay, then it’s time to look elsewhere. Shop top quality timothy hay pellets now


guinea pig nutrition


What if my guinea pig won’t eat pellets?

Mmmm – well there’s always going to be a few fussy guinea pigs out there.  But because of the vitamin C issue, feeding pellets is the easiest way to ensure that he’s getting his daily dose.

If he really won’t eat them, then the first step is to try some different brands.  It might just be a certain type of pellet that he’s not that keen on.  If you still get no joy, then there are other ways to make sure that he gets vitamin C on a daily basis.

You can provide him with daily portions of vitamin C rich vegetables, or you could crumble up a vitamin C tablet and sprinkle it on his food.  There are also drops to add to his water supply that are available.

If you’re very concerned, then it’s best to have a chat with a guinea pig savvy veterinarian who’ll be able to advise you on the best way to feed your piggy a vitamin C rich diet.


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