Timothy Pellets for Rabbits

The Best Rabbit Pellets You Can Buy

Now, we all know that hay is a vital part of a bunny’s diet.  But what’s the deal when it comes to buying and feeding timothy hay pellets to your rabbits?

What are they?  Do you have to feed them?  And what should you look for when purchasing a rabbit pellets?

Well, thankfully – much in the same way as buying hay for rabbits becomes somewhat easier once you know a little bit more about it – so does buying rabbit pellets with a little knowledge.

timothy hay rabbit pellets


What exactly are timothy hay pellets for rabbits?

Pellets (sometimes called cubes) have been designed to make it easy and convenient to provide your rabbit with the various vitamins and minerals he needs, as well as being a source of fiber in his diet.

Much as the name suggests, the main constitute of timothy hay pellets for rabbits is……… drum roll please……..!  Timothy hay.

Now, timothy hay pellets certainly don’t look much like hay, that’s for sure.  But the main ingredient in any decent rabbit pellet should be hay.  Along with that, they contain the various minerals and vitamins that are necessary to keep your rabbit in good health.


Reasons why timothy hay pellets are good for your bunny

The whole reason timothy hay pellets are produced is to give rabbit owners an easy way of feeding their rabbits a balanced and healthy diet.  Of course, you should always ensure that your rabbit has a constant supply of top quality timothy hay to eat, but pelleted food contains other essential items that he also needs.

And because the base ingredient of these pellets is timothy hay, then they’re also a great fiber provider for your rabbit.


What to look for when you buy rabbit pellets

The main thing to ensure when you purchase your rabbit pellets is that the main ingredient is, in fact, timothy hay.  Rabbit pellets are labeled in the same method as food for humans.  This means that the ingredient that makes up the greatest proportion of the food will be listed first, followed by the rest in descending order of quantity in the food.

So this makes selecting the pellets you purchase for your rabbits somewhat easier, because if the first ingredient on the list isn’t timothy hay, then you should definitely choose another brand. Shop top quality timothy hay pellets now

rabbit pellets with timothy hay


What if my rabbit won’t eat pellets?

There are some bunnies that simply aren’t that keen on rabbit pellets.  So if this is the case then you have a few choices as to what to do.

The first is to try some different brands.  You might be lucky and find one that he does enjoy.  However, if he refuses to play ball, then never fear.  Because it’s possible to provide your rabbit with a healthy and nutritious diet without having to feed pellets at all.

You see, pellets have been produced as a convenient way of providing your rabbit with the various vitamins and minerals he needs.  But if you imagine a rabbit living in the wild, then he certainly won’t have a doting owner providing him with his daily bowl of pellets.  Instead, he gets these from his diet – in other words, from the vegetable matter that he forages for on a daily basis.

So you can provide him with a diet of free fed timothy hay, as well as daily proportions of fresh vegetables – making sure that he gets a good variety of veg to ensure a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients.

However, if you’re considering this, then it might be wise to gain expert advice from a rabbit savvy veterinarian to ensure that you’re providing him with all the nutrition he needs.


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