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Top Fifteen Cuties, January 19, 2019

 Top Fifteen Cuties 2019!

Happy Popcorn Day!

January 19 is Popcorn Day, a day to organize an impromptu movie night, just so that you can enjoy a tub or two of crunchy, salty and buttery popcorn....or, I suppose if you've got Guinea Pigs in your life it just might be a day to watch them popcorn around the house instead!

How to Submit a Pigture

As always, if you want your cutie featured, please email your submission with your cuties name, breed (rabbit, guinea pig, etc.)  in the subject line and any other information you'd like to share to

~Eliza, Grace, and Jessica

#1:  Annabel, Eliza, and Eloise agree that fresh veggies are a fun way to add variety to the diet and make sure your guinea pig is getting all the vitamin C  they need.  Annabel and Eloise are from LA Guinea Pig Rescue.  "Big sister" Eliza has made them feel right at home where they all get to be queens in their Small Pet Select castle.

#2:  Bunbun loves to hang out in the Small Pet Select hay box and munch on her 2nd cutting timothy hay. She goes crazy for all the Healthy Snackers, especially pear blueberry (like Belinda!). She also really enjoys the Young at Heart blend, which is good since she's an elder bun in her golden years 🙂

#3: Captain Crunch and Cinnamon are out and about exploring.  Captain is more shy and quiet.  Cinnamon is more adventurous and outgoing but still snuggly.  Each piggie has her own personality.  Did you know it's important for guinea pigs to have friends to play with, you can read all about this as well as so much more on our blog posts

#4:  Meet Cookie, she loves hanging with her bear and feasting on her 2nd cutting Timothy hay.

#5: Cassie and Virgie enjoy Small Pet Select rabbit pellets while house mates Inky and Dante chomp on some yummy hay.

#6:  When Frankie isn't busy at work nomming on a Small Pet Select mobile he's quite content sleeping in mom's arms, he'd stay all day if he could.

#7:  Zoey (dutch) has welcomed her new forever friend, Patrick, from House Rabbit Society (HRS). They are both HRS alumni. Their shared favorite hobby is diving into a fresh pile of Oat hay from Small Pet Select. 

#8: “Yum!  This hay from Small Pet Select is as fun to play in as it is to eat”!!!!  say Courtney and Curtis, two Colorado House Rabbit Society alumni.  We love these pictures of animals that have found their forever homes 🙂

#9:  Sam (brown)and Dean (gray) are another set of Guinea pigs that spend time on adventures together.   Look at that amazing space they have to explore in,  I think these guys need a Guinea Pigs at Play sign and their habitat will be complete!!

#10:  Cooper says: My girl, Laufi, was recently a cutie.  I’m super cute, too, but I cannot enjoy chew toys. I have no incisors. Something about “malocclusion”. I do love oat fidget sticks and rye twists if mom pulls them apart for me!  Speaking of mom, she is a volunteer with House Rabbit Society, in my eyes that makes her a super hero!!

#11: Pipi (1.5 year old Dutch), takes a break from his giant box of hay to pose for a photo. He is a huge fan of 2nd Cut Timothy Hay.  Thanks handsome fella!

#12:  This is White, Daidai, Adai, and Pudding.  When you have a larger herd like this take advantage of our discounted Small Pet Select bundles.

#13:  Sweetie Pie enjoying her favorite 3rd cut Timothy hay.  She sure is focused, it must be tasty!

#14:  Bandit (the white floof) and Saydi (the black floof) sharing their box of Small Pet Select hay.   These half rex/half lionhead bunns are the best of pals.

#15:  First photo =Thor BEFORE his Small Pet Select order arrives.....

Second photo =  Thor AFTER his Small Pet Select order arrives!!!



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