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Top Fifteen Cuties, May 18, 2019


Top Fifteen Cuties

We honour all those serving in military forces.

TFC and our entire Small Pet Select community

thank you for your service!

How to Submit a Pigture

As always, if you want your cutie featured, please email your submission with your cuties name, breed (rabbit, guinea pig, chicken, etc.)  in the subject line and any other information you'd like to share to

~Eliza and Grace

#1:   Mom is excited to report that she went shopping for some new toys and quality hay as their sweet Ollie boy is meeting Lily ( a Rescue to bond him to).  Paws crossed this cutie meets the girl of his dreams!  

A Sampler Hay Box, a Maypop Vine Heart, and a Sweet Potato Vine Ring ought to seal the deal; "...put a ring on it" right?

#2:  It’s Biscotti (brown brindled) in the cuddle pod and Baxter (tri-color)!

Posing so cutely in a Small Pet Select pasture of 3rd cut timothy hay, delivered right to your home!

A hay and bedding bundle for these two would be soft, practical and cost saving.

#3:  Puck and Juniper (collectively a.k.a. as “The Fluffle) are 16 month-old Rhinelander house rabbits from Arizona chewing on their fidget sticks. They order the Belinda Blends weekly and 2nd cut timothy hay, monthly through the subscribe and save plan.

 Belinda helps keep us healthy. Thank you Small Pet Select!

#4:  Remy won the tug-a-war with her neighbor sister, and lays on her yummy orchard hay

And says hello to Belinda because they are the same color. You can stay up to date with Belinda by reading her blog!

#5: Botasky says “It’s even more delish when I put my entire head in the hay feeder

The two things you can't do without: hay, and pine bedding.  These sizes work well for single animals.

10 lb 2nd Cutting Timothy + 15 lbs Pine Pellet Bedding

Two of our basics at a great price, right to your door!  Freshest great smelling hay, and a kiln-dried, safe pellet bedding.

#6: Luna Lovegood, rescued Guinea Pig, loves her Small Pet Select 3rd Cut Timothy Hay 

(because it's soft and sweet like she is)

Our UK friends can purchase the same wonderful quality 3rd cut timothy hay too! 

UK friends, send us your photos.  We can't wait to feature you!  Here's your ​UK Free shipping code:



#7:  Cute 1 lb. Daisy Mae is telling  our UK friends 

"don't miss the savings - 40% off on all bundles!" 

Become a Small Pet Select Ambassador, join here.

We also have our own Small Pet Select Ambassador Facebook visit us!

#8:  Here are 10  cuties, ALL one hoppy household!

The bunnies and the two guinea pigs are the newest family members.

Fredrick (8) is the OG of the bunch. Annabelle (6) is Fred's daughter and Serenity (3) and all the small animals are rescues! Fredrick is a chiweenie and Annabelle is half Cocker spaniel. Serenity is a Boston terrier beagle mix. 

All the dogs love to eat the food pellets I buy for the pigs. No need for that, how about some Naturally Shed Antler dog chews instead? 

The pigs love everything that's Small Pet Select.

The bunnies are 2 year old boys. They  enjoy the Orchard Hay and Rabbit Pellets!

Sam and Dean are 1 1/2 and Rufus' age is unknown and the little ones are about 6 months.

#9:  Flopsy and her Easter basket.  Mom chose all of Flopsy's favorites, meadow grass ballwillow ball, and Healthy Snackers.  The Ball trio was a great money saver!

#10:  Butterscotch is enjoying his Small Pet Select 2nd cut Hay inside his box just as much as the box itself!

 He loves to eat hay, hide out in his boxes and hop around the house. Best bunny life ever!

We just love our creative pawrents!

#11: Lola enjoying her cat tail ball.

This ball is a major hit!! ​😍.

Lola is part Flemish Giant, 6 years young, and loves

2nd cut hay, her Castle tunnel, THIS BALL😂, and many many herbs (Herbal Sampler-5)!❤️

#12: Peter Rabbit just got his fab gift box full off goodies.  A loofah, a digging platform, a meadow ball and a rye twist.  The toys can be purchased individually or as a whole in our Toy Sampler.

#13:  Thumper is a Netherland dwarf. Thumper goes crazy over the loofas, husk ball (found in the toy sampler) and the healthy snackers. He loves playing and chewing on the lofas. Its his favorite toy. He also enjoys the fancy fruited pinecones

#14:  Stitch, castor mini rex, binky's for 1st cut Timothy Hay!

1st cutting timothy hay - High Fiber and Great Quality!

Quality Characteristics of 1st cutting 

1. Higher fiber than any other cutting 

2. More flower heads than any other cutting 

#15:  Nellie (black and white) and Teddy (black). Mom usually gives them 3rd cut as a treat  (they eat mostly 2nd cut) but this morning she let them jump in the box while I she filled their littler box hay feeder with 2nd cut.

They say thank you for the letting them bask in the yummy hay and food mom!



 Armed Forces Day is viewed as a time of honour.

Pet resources for military & veteran families

Check it all out here.

Military working dog & handler resources & support organizations

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