Bunny slippers

Bunny slippers warm your toes...and your heart too!

bunny slippers for adults

Some felted wool cozies from  Mlle Chevreuil on Etsy

Who came up with the idea of bunny slippers?  We love them...on kids, on grown-ups, it just doesn't matter.  

We think they are quite stylish, and apparently at least one celebrity agrees.​

Lena Denham sports some bun slippres

Lena Dunham rocks some bunny slippers at the 2016 CFDA awards

A lot of the sweetest versions are only available in tiny sizes, and we don't really get that.  I'd LOVE a pair of these!

bunny slippers aren't just for kids

By RusticPatriotGirl on Etsy

Show us your bunny slippers!


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