Can bunnies eat grapes?


 Can bunnies eat grapes?


Bunnies sure do love their treats…and grapes are no exception!  Now, while it is okay to feed a small amount of grapes every once in a while for variety and bonding, its important that we do think of them as “treats”.


The truth is, fruits have quite a lot of sugar in them, and if there is one thing that can cause problems for your bunny, its eating too much sugar at one time or too often.


Fed too many grapes at one time, your bunny is likely to cause digestive problems  or diarrhea, which is no fun for you or your rabbit.  And in the long term too much sugar from those lovely fruits can cause weight problems or potentially worse health problems.  So the important thing to keep in mind is, if you feed your bunny some fruits as a treat, always be sure to feed in moderation.


Additionally, it’s worth noting that the most important thing you can provide to your bunny is a fresh supply of high quality timothy hay, fresh water changed daily, as well as quality rabbit pellets.  Do this right and you’ll be on your way to a more healthy and happy rabbit.


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