Can chinchillas eat peanuts?



Peanuts are not the best thing for you to give your chinchilla to eat as a snack.  The reason for this is that nuts, peanuts, and peanut butter are all going to be high in fat which is difficult for your chinchilla to digest and can put extra weight on your chinchilla and cause health issues.


A healthy chinchilla diet only really needs to comprise of fresh water, fresh hay, and chinchilla pellets.  However, many chinchilla owners use small treats such as fruit and vegetables as a way to bond with their chinchillla.  If you do feed treats, just make sure to remember the most important thing is moderation.


We hope this is helpful, but we also urge you to discuss these issues regarding the health and diet of your chinchilla with a chinchilla savvy veterinarian.


Till next time, love those chins!