Can guinea pigs eat cheese?


Can guinea pigs eat cheese?


When owning a pet we all want to make sure we’re feeding things that are healthy for them.  It can also be tempting or easier to feed whatever may be around the house, and what is okay and not okay can certainly be confusing.  One question that often comes up is can guinea pigs eat cheese.


In this case the answer is no, you should not feed your guinea pigs cheese.  Guinea pigs are plant eaters in the wild, so dairy products like cheese do not agree well with a guinea pigs digestive system.  Instead of cheese, if you are looking for a snack, a much healthier way to go would be to feed a small helping of fresh vegetables such as sliced cucumber or bell peppers.  This will actually be nutritious for your guinea pig and help avoid the problems that feeding cheese will create.


Keep in mind the most important things that you can feed your guinea pig are going to be fresh high quality timothy hay, fresh and clean water, as well as guinea pig pellets fortified with vitamin c.  If you can take care of these as a priority you’ll be on your way to happy and healthy guinea pig.  Adding a small amount of fresh vegetables fed in moderation and the occasional fruit as a treat is the route many guinea pig owners choose to go to round out the diet.


So, can guinea pigs eat cheese?  No, they really should never be fed cheese.  We would like to add if you have questions about what you should be feeding your guinea pig, the best idea is to discuss a diet plan with a guinea pig savvy veterinarian.


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