Can guinea pigs eat oats?


Can guinea pigs eat oats?


Feeding guinea pigs is one of the more fun and rewarding things about owning a guinea pig….wheeeeek wheeeeeeek!  But sometimes it can be difficult to know what is okay to feed.  And one question that seems to come up quite often is, can guinea pigs eat oats?


Guinea pigs can eat oats, but be careful in the amount you feed.  Too many oats can make your guinea pig full and gassy, and potentially worse digestive issues,  and of course cause them to gain weight.  If you do feed oats just make sure to so sparingly, and make sure that you are feeding plenty of high quality hay as priority.  Guinea pigs need this source of fiber in their diet.  In addition, providing fresh and clean water, vitamin c fortified guinea pig pellets, as well as a sensible amount of fresh vegetables make a well rounded diet.


So, can guinea pigs eat oats?  Yes, but just make sure to feed them in moderation.


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