Can guinea pigs eat pineapple?


Can guinea pigs eat pineapple?


The humble pineapple – loved by many humans, so it makes sense that for those of us with cavies in our care want to know if guinea pigs can eat pineapple as well.  Before we discuss this in a little more depth, one thing to note is that you shouldn’t feed the leaves of a pineapple to guinea pigs, these should definitely be removed and discarded.


Some guinea pigs have been known to turn their noses up at pineapple.  It is very sharp with high acidic acid.  It is an acquired taste – even for humans – so it’s understandable that some of our furry friends might not be too keen either.


Now, with all fruits you may feed your guinea pig, it’s necessary to be aware of a couple of important points:


Guinea pigs cannot synthesize their own vitamin C – just like humans.  So they need to gain it from their food on a daily basis.  If you feed pineapple to your guinea pig, this can be one source of the vitamin.  But there is also the problem that many fruits have a high sugar content.  And we all know that too much sugar in a diet is not a good thing.  So what this means in relation to should I feed pineapple to my guinea pig, is that anything high in sugar should be fed in moderation.  That means if you feed fruit, make sure it is small helpings/slices, and it doesn’t need to be every day.


The second issue is less about fruits, and more about how manipulative your piggies can be.  Yes, that tiny ball of fluff is quite capable of wrapping your around their little finger (or little toe nail) with those big eyes and those plaintive wheeks.  It doesn’t take long for our furry friends to realize that with a few well-timed noises and cute behavior, they can have us – their humans (or should that be slaves?) bringing them yummy treats virtually on demand.  Guinea pigs are one of the gorgeous and most persuasive creatures on the planet…so if you’re going to feed them anything outside of your core diet, you’ve got to maintain your discipline.


Thirdly, some fruits (like pineapple) have a high acid content.  Although it’s possible for them to eat pineapple, and some may even really like it, it still might not be the best choice as some guinea pig owners have reported that it can leave a guinea pig with sores around its mouth…ouch!


Remember, the most important thing you can do for your guinea pig is to provide access to clean, fresh water and top quality timothy hay.  We also need to have a supply of vitamin C fortified guinea pig pellets.  Vegetables and fruits are ok to feed, but just make sure it is done in moderation.


Lastly, we recommend if you have questions about guinea pig health and nutrition, the best idea is to always consult a guinea pig savvy veterinarian.


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