Can guinea pigs eat rabbit food?



Can guinea pigs eat rabbit food?


A common question among small animal owners, particularly when they own both a guinea pig and a rabbit, is can guinea pigs eat rabbit food?


Starting with the basics, here is what guinea pigs need in the core of their diet.


Fresh and high quality hay.

Fresh and clean water.

Vitamin C fortified guinea pig pellets.


In addition the above, guinea pigs can be fed fresh vegetables in moderation on a daily basis. And a small slice of fresh fruit fed as a treat is also a practiced by many guinea pig owners, but this should be done sparingly.


While rabbits and guinea pigs have similar dietary needs, its best to make sure your guinea pig is following the plan above and getting the vitamin c they need into their diet.


We hope this post was helpful, and as always if you have questions about the diet of your guinea pig we recommend you discuss them with guinea pig savvy veterinarian as priority.


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