Can guinea pigs eat spinach?


Can guinea pigs eat spinach?


Popeye loved spinach….but can guinea pigs eat spinach?  Well, lets take a look at the video below to see:


Yes, guinea pigs can eat spinach.  We have heard some guinea pigs like it, but others may turn their nose up at it.  Now, unlike Popeye the sailor man, spinach should never make up the core of your guinea pigs diet.  Overdoing it on spinach could actually hurt your guinea pig.  But it can be fed in moderation on top of what guinea pigs really need, which is high quality timothy hay, fresh water, as well as vitamin c fortified guinea pig pellets.  Round off their diet with sensible amounts of vegetables and the occasional treat is fine and good for variety.  If you do this  you are on your way to a happy and healthy guinea pig.


We hope this post about spinach was helpful.  As always if you have any serious questions about the health or  diet of your guinea pig, its best to consult with your guinea pig savvy veterinarian.


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