Can guinea pigs eat yellow squash?



Can guinea pigs eat yellow squash?


There are many questions when it comes to guinea pigs and the vegetables they can eat, and some people may be asking can guinea pigs eat yellow squash.


The simple answer is, yes guinea pigs can eat yellow squash if they like the taste enough.  Vegetables such as squash fed in moderation are a good addition to your guinea pigs diet.


It is important to also note that guinea pigs need other things in their diet as well.  Some of the things that should be fed to a guinea pig as priority is fresh timothy hay, fresh and clean water, and vitamin c fortified guinea pig pellets.


If you can accomplish these things in addition to adding some fresh veggies such as squash to your guinea pigs diet, you are on your way to happy and healthy guinea pig.   Some guinea pig owners may also choose to feed the occasional fruit as a treat, but keep in mind this should be done sparingly as fruit does have a lot of sugar.


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