Can guinea pigs eat yogurt?


Can guinea pigs eat yogurt?


Mmmmmmm….YOGURT.  A great snack for us humans.  But can guinea pigs eat yogurt?


Yogurt really is not a good choice to feed to your guinea pig.  In fact, dairy products in general should be avoided.  Instead of yogurt, you should focus on your guinea pigs fiber needs through high quality and fresh timothy hay,  vitamin c fortified guinea pig pellets, and fresh and clean water served daily.  In addition to this, you can also feed fresh vegetables in a sensible amount, and the occasional small piece of fruit as a treat is okay once in awhile and is certainly enjoyed by guinea pigs (just don’t feed too much as fruit does have a lot of sugar).


So, can guinea pigs eat yogurt?  No, you really should not feed it to them.


No, its really not a good idea to feed guinea pigs yogurt or any other dairy products for that matter.  What guinea pigs need is high quality fiber, that comes from timothy hay.


Till next time, love those piggies…