Can Rabbits Eat Alfalfa Hay?

Alfalfa Hay For Rabbits


With so many options avialable, it can be difficult knowing what rabbits can and can’t eat.  And one question that often comes up is can rabbits eat alfalfa?


The answer to this is yes, rabbits can eat alfalfa.   However, its important to keep in mind that adult rabbits are better off eating a diet made up of primarily grass hay, such as timothy hay.  Alfalfa is a legume hay, so it is more rich in protein and calcium than timothy hay, while timothy hay is higher in fiber.  And thats what an adult rabbit really needs, high quality fiber.


Feeding small amounts of alfalfa to your adult rabbit can be a nice way to introduce a little variety.  Just  a small handful from time to time will be appreciated by your rabbit.  Just don’t overdo it, your rabbit may end up liking alfalfa better than grass hay, and you don’t want him to get stubborn.


Along with timothy hay, your adult rabbit should be fed quality rabbit pellets as well as fresh and clean water on a daily basis.  A sensible amount of fresh vegetables can also be provided, and some pet owners will provide the occasional small slice of fruit (just don’t overdo it, fruits are high in sugar and if theres on thing that will cause problems for your rabbits digestion its too much sugar.


Now, we have been saying “adult rabbit” for a reason.  And the reason is, alfalfa hay is actually preferred for newborn rabbits, pregnant or nursing rabbits, or rabbits that are getting older and having a hard time keeping weight on.  Being higher in calories and other nutrients, it is beneficial for rabbits during this time.  But for the most part, timothy hay is a better option for regular eating for a healthy adult rabbit.


So now you know that it is safe for bunnies to eat alfalfa hay, but just limit it to small amounts, making timothy hay the priority for adult rabbits.  baby rabbits, pregnant or nursing rabbits, and other special cases make it beneficial to feed more alfalfa.


If you’re wondering whether it is safe to feed any other type of food, we have compiled a master list that will help you determine What Do Rabbits Eat.


We hope this post has been helpful, and we hope to see you again real soon.


Till next time, love those bunnies…