Can rabbits eat bread?


Can I feed my rabbit bread?


Ahhhhh…bread.  Virtually every household has it in stock, so it can seem like an easy and simple thing to feed a rabbit as a snack.  But can rabbits eat bread?


Well, the most literal answer to the question is yes, rabbits can eat bread.  But the fact is that bread really doesn’t serve a purpose in the diet of a pet rabbit.  They may like it, but instead of being high in fiber, bread is high carbohydrates and starch, things your rabbit will get sick if they eat too much.  As with most household food, rabbits in the wild would not find a piece of bread.  Their natural diet is high in fiber, eating grasses,  leaves in hays.  That means for your pet rabbit, the core of their diet should be made up of high quality timothy hay, fresh and clean water, as well as quality rabbit pellets.  Fresh vegetables fed in moderation and the occasional fruit are used by many pet owners to round out the diet nicely.


So to answer the question crystal clear, can rabbits eat bread?  Yes, but you really shouldn’t feed it to them.


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