Can Rabbits Eat Cabbage?


Can Bunnies Eat Cabbage?

We all have questions when it comes to feeding our pets, and with rabbits a common question is can rabbits eat cabbage.  There are people that have successfully fed cabbage to rabbits.  However, its important to note with cabbage or any vegetables for that matter, its important to introduce new foods slowly and feed in moderation.  Additionally, with cabbage in particular, it has been occasionally known to cause bloat, gas, and diarrhea.  This usually happens when fed cabbage in large amounts.  The most important thing with anything other than your rabbits hay is to feed in moderation.   And always keep in mind, as a priority, you should be feeding high quality timothy hay, as well as fresh clean water, and quality rabbit pellets.  If your bunny is being provided this on a consistent basis, you will be getting the important fiber in their diet.  A sensible amount of fresh vegetables and fruits can round out the diet.


So,  can rabbits eat cabbage?  Yes, rabbits can eat cabbage, although it isn’t totally necessary.  If you do feed cabbage, just make sure to introduce it slowly to your rabbits diet, and make sure to feed in moderation, with timothy hay, water, and quality rabbit pellets fed as a priority.


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