Can rabbits eat carrots?


Can bunnies eat carrots?


Carrots seem to be a famous rabbit snack, probably because of bugs bunny.  But can rabbits eat carrots?


The short answer is, of course, yes rabbits can eat carrots.  Rabbits will eat carrots and many rabbits will like them.  But that doesn’t mean you should feed a lot of them.  Always remember the core of  your rabbits diet needs to be high quality timothy hay, fresh and clean water, and rabbit pellets.  Vegetables such as carrots can provide some variety in the diet and can make for a good bonding snack, but just make sure not to get carried away.  Carrots are high in sugar, and if there is anything that can cause your bunny problems it is too much sugar.  So when feeding vegetables or fruits to rabbits, just make sure to always remember to feed them in moderation.  They can successfully be a nice supplement to the diet if fed in moderation, but should never be a substitute for the diet.


So, can rabbits eat carrots?  Yes, but if you feed them, just make sure to feed in moderation and make sure your rabbit is eating plenty of hay as a priority.


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