Can rabbits eat cauliflower?


Can bunnies eat cauliflower?


Ahhhh….cauliflower.  All would agree a healthy vegetable snack for us humans.  But can rabbits eat cauliflower?


Well, although rabbits can eat cauliflower the truth is its probably not the best choice to add to their diet.  The reason being is that cauliflower is known to cause excess gas and bloating in rabbits, especially if fed in any substantial amount.  For all its important to feed in moderation, and this is probably even more important with cauliflower, if you do decide to feed it just make sure it is a small amount.


Remember, the most important thing you can do for your bunny is to provide them with high quality

timothy hay, fresh and clean water, and quality rabbit pellets.  These are the items that should really make up the core of their diet, and feeding a sensible amount of vegetables and the occasional fruit as a treat should only be supplements fed in moderation, never substitutes for the core of their diet.



So, can rabbits eat cauliflower?  Yes, but only a small amount at a time.



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