Can rabbits eat green beans?


Can rabbits eat green beans?


It’s hard not to love the world famous green bean, after all it tastes great and goes well as a side with so many dishes.  But the question is, can rabbits eat green beans?

And the answer to that question is yes, rabbits can eat green beans.  However, if you decide to feed green beans to your rabbit, just make sure to follow the golden rule, which is that anything outside of the core of a rabbits diet should be fed in moderation.  Green beans are a vegetable, and vegetables can make for a nice healthy snack from time to time, but they should never be a substitute for what your rabbits need most.  The core of your rabbits diet should be made up of high quality timothy hay, fresh clean water, and rabbit pellets.  Adding some fresh vegetables such as asparagus will add a little variety and some extra nutrients to the diet, but just don’t go wild with it and make sure your bunny is eating plenty of its hay as a priority.


So, can rabbits eat green beans?  Yes, but only feed them in moderation.


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