Can rabbits eat kale?


Can I feed my Rabbit kale?


Many of us humans love some fresh and crisp kale, a great vegetable with a lots of nutrients.  But can rabbits eat kale?


Well, the short answer is yes.  Rabbits can eat kale and they can eat an enormous amount of other things as well.  However, perhaps what we should be asking is should rabbits eat kale or not.  The answer to that question is a bit more complicated.


Kale is an okay snack to give to your rabbit every once in awhile, however its important to remember to feed kale or any other vegetable  in moderation.  These should be a supplement, not a substitute, to the core of your rabbits diet.  The core of your rabbits diet needs to be fresh and high quality timothy hay, fresh and clean water, as well as quality rabbit pellets.  You can feed a little bit of kale or other fresh vegetables in addition to this to add a little variety and healthy snack to the rabbits diet, but again it should never take the place of the core of the diet.  One thing to understand about kale specifically is that if too much is fed, it can cause gas or digestive issues in your rabbit.  Also, kale is high in calcium, and excess calcium can lead to other problems as well.


Can rabbits eat kale?  yes, but just make sure to feed in moderation and make sure that the core of their diet is being totally satisfied as a priority.


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