Can rabbits eat mango?


Can rabbits eat mango?


Mmmmmmm…MANGOES!  Perhaps one of the tastiest fruits a person could eat, no?   But can rabbits eat mango?


Well, rabbits definitely love their treats, and mango being as delicious as it is definitely not going to be in exception.  But to answer the question can rabbits eat mango, while it is okay to feed a small amount of mango on occasion,  the important thing here is to make sure you’re thinking of fruits as a treat.  Always remember, the most important thing you can do for your rabbit is to make sure that he has a fresh supply of quality hay, quality pellets, as well as fresh clean water everyday.  Do this as priority.  This along with some fresh veggies fed in moderation, and the occasional fruit as a treat fed sparingly, and you should be on your way to a happy and healthy bunny.


So, can rabbits eat mango?  Yes, if you do feed mango, just make sure to feed sparingly.


Hopefully this helps, and we hope to see you around again soon. And visit our top 10 favourite foods post for more info on What Do Bunnies Eat


Till next time, love those rabbits!