Can rabbits eat peanuts?


Peanuts, Peanut butter, and other nuts are not a good choice to feed your rabbits, as they are high in fat and don’t serve any purpose in the rabbits diet aside from potentially causing health problems especially if overfed.


Although some pet owners have probably fed these items in small amounts and on occasion without causing any serious problems, there are many other items to choose from that would be healthier to give your rabbit as a “bonding treat”, such as small quantities of fruits and/or vegetables.  And even fruits and vegetables need to be fed in moderation.


Always remember, the most important thing you can do for your rabbits is to provide fresh timothy hay, pellets made for rabbits, as well as fresh water on a daily basis.


We hope this is helpful, but if you have not yet done so we encourage you to schedule an appointment with a professional rabbit savvy veterinarian to talk over these issues surrounding diet and care taking.


Until next time, love those bunnies!