Can rabbits eat potatoes?


Can bunnies eat potatoes?


Ahhhhh…potatoes…a popular option in the diet for many of us.  But can rabbits eat potatoes?

While potatoes aren’t necessarily poisonous to rabbits and so in the literal sense they can be fed to them, the truth is potatoes really don’t have a positive place in your pet rabbits diet.  The reason being is that they are high in starch and carbohydrates, things that rabbits do not need in high amounts (and can cause problems for rabbits digestive system if overfed).  Instead, what your rabbit really needs is a diet that is high in fiber, which can be provided through high quality timothy hay, fresh and clean water, and quality rabbit pellets.  This really makes up the core of their diet.  Many rabbit owners will also successfully supplement the diet with moderate amounts of vegetables, and of course the occasional fruit fed sparingly as a treat (careful especially with fruits as they are high in sugar).


So, can rabbits eat potatoes?  No, they really should not be fed potatoes.


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