Can rabbits eat radishes?


Can I feed my rabbit radishes?

Ahhhhh fresh crisp radishes…a healthy and tasty veggie for us humans especially in our salads.  But can rabbits eat radishes?


The short answer is yes, rabbits can eat radishes, although many rabbits might prefer other veggies over radishes.  The thing with radishes is if you do feed them you need to be careful not to feed too much.  Too much radish can cause excess bloat and gas in your bunny, which can actually lead to a pretty serious problem.  With all vegetables its important to remember to feed in moderation.  And always remember, the most important things you should feed your bunny are going to be fresh and high quality

timothy hay, fresh and clean water, and quality rabbit pellets.


So, can rabbits eat radishes?  Yes, but if you do feed them just make sure not to overfeed them, just a small amount is fine.



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