Can rabbits eat raisins?


Can I feed my rabbit raisins?


Yummm…you’ve got to love the taste of a sweet juicy raisin.  But can rabbits eat raisins?


Rabbits sure do love their treats and raisins are by no means any exception.   Its fine to feed raisins as a reward or for bonding every so often, but just keep in mind that raisins have a great deal of sugar in them, and too much sugar is going to cause some pretty serious digestive issues.  If you’re going to feed fruits to your rabbit always remember the key is moderation.  And of course, don’t forget the most important thing you can do for your bunny is to make sure that fresh water, as well as quality hay and pellets are provided.


So can rabbits eat raisins?  Yes, but if you feed them make sure to do so sparingly.


Hopefully this helps you out, and  we hope to see you again real soon. And if you want more information on Rabbit diets and care, visit our Rabbit Guide


Till next time, love those rabbits!