Can rabbits eat red peppers?


Can bunnies eat red peppers?

Freshly sliced red bell peppers are so good aren’t they?  Especially on a hot summer day in a nice salad…simply delicious.  But can rabbits eat red peppers?


Well, if you’re talking about red bell peppers, then they’ll be a fine addition to your rabbits diet from time to time.  However, they should never make up the core of your diet, and neither should any veggie for that matter.  The core of your rabbits diet should be fresh and delicious timothy hay, rabbit pellets pellets, and of course fresh and clean water.  This along with moderate supply of fresh vegetables can be fed, as well as the occasional fruit as a treat to round out the diet.


So, can rabbits eat red peppers?  Yes, it’s fine to feed rabbits red peppers. Just make sure to feed in moderation.


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