Can rabbits eat sunflower seeds?


Can I feed sunflower seeds to my rabbit?



 It’s a ton of fun owning a rabbit, but there are plenty of questions that come up when it comes to feeding them.  And one of the more common questions is can rabbits eat sunflower seeds?

The answer is yes, rabbits can eat sunflower seeds.  However, if you feed sunflower seeds you need to be sure of a few things:


They need to be hulled (that means removing the shell) as they are unable to properly digest the shells.


The must be fed in moderation, consider them a treat.


And of course always remember the most important thing you can do for your bunny is to make sure that high quality and fresh timothy hay are always available.  Additionally make sure to have fresh clean water and pellets available on a daily basis.  Fresh veggies fed in moderation and the occasional fruit as a treat is used by many rabbit owners to fill out the rest of the diet with a little variety, just make sure to feed these items in moderation.


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