Guinea Pig Wheeking Noises…this is a SUPER WHEEKER!

If you’re a guinea pig owner you’re not a stranger sound of “wheek-wheek-wheek!” that guinea pigs make.  Sometimes they’ll make them when they are hungry, or when they’re just happy to see you!  As to how much wheeking is done will vary quite a bit from guinea pig to guinea pig.  Some guinea pigs are what you might call “wheek-a-holics”  while others prefer to be more quiet.  


Now this little princess, she’s what you might call a “SUPER WHEEKER”.  Just listen to those pipes and notice how she’s putting her entire body into it, She’s off the charts on the wheechter scale!  And yes…if you watch to the end, you’ll see she gets what he want..job well done Revy!




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guinea pig ring final