Knoxville Guinea Pig Rescue leaps into action, and we help too.

rescued boar

Just three days ago, one of the folks at Knoxville Guinea Pig Rescue got an email.  A contact had heard about a "pet breeder" who was selling off all the "stock".  Arrangements were being made to get the guinea pigs, and could KGPR take any of them in?

broken lag

​It turned out that once the group of piggies were picked up, 4 of them were boars, and one of the boars was very small and had a broken leg.  The sows were also all very small.  KGPR agreed to take on 9 of the sows and the boar with the broken leg.

rescue cavy

Last night, KGPR reached out to us for some help with the sudden jump in numbers.  These pigs will likely need a good deal of medical care, and as is true for every rescue we've ever met, funds are tight.  KGPR asked us for 5 lbs of hay.  Today, we are shipping them 20 lbs of alfalfa and 20 lbs of second cut timothy...and we wish we were there in person to do even more.

guinea pig rescue

​We know these situation happen every day, across the country.  Guinea pigs, rabbits, and all kinds of other animals.  My sister was once at a conference about animal welfare, and the speaker asked everyone who had helped an animal in the last 24 hours to raise their hand.  "Now,", he said, "imagine what we could do if even half of the people did one thing every day to help."  So let's all get out there and do something.  Anything.  Just do one thing, and you make a difference.

cavy rescue