Is rabbit poop good fertilizer?


Is rabbit poop good fertilizer?


Okay, so it’s not news that any rabbit owner certainly has a ready supply of rabbit droppings.    But here’s a question you may not here very often.  Is rabbit poop good fertilizer?


If you are a rabbit owner, did you realize that you have the perfect, and free, supply of what some experts say is the very best type of fertilizer possible.  Packed full of phosphorus and nitrogen, your rabbit’s poop is a treat that your soil will gladly receive.  So for the fullest blooms, the largest vegetables and the juiciest of fruits, don’t discard these to the trash – put them to use!


Okay – there are a couple of things you should know before you go throwing the poop willy nilly over your garden.


1.  Although some people might well use fresh rabbit droppings, it’s really advisable to let them rot down first.  All you need do is to assign a corner of the yard to become a compost heap.  Let the soiled bedding and droppings rot down and voila – you’ll soon have one of the best fertilizers in town.


2.  All compost heaps need some kind of organic matter.  But if you feed your rabbits ad-lib hay (and you should), you’ll be pretty likely to have some hay mixed in with the droppings anyway.   If you think it needs some more, add in grass clippings or other garden waste.


3.  Give the heap a stir around every so often.  If it gets too dry then add a little water.  The aim is to keep it moist enough to allow it to rot down sufficiently.


4.  Don’t forget the worms!  One of the best ways to encourage your compost to rot down as rapidly as possible is to add in some earthworms.  They’ll love your compost bin – and just think of how much good you’ll be doing to the environment!


5.  Once your pile has rotted down then you can dig it into your soil.  The best time is when your garden and plants are finished for the year – around the end of the autumn is generally a good time.  Then you can dig the compost into your soil, and come the spring you’ll have a wonderfully rich soil just waiting to sprout you the best Mother Nature can offer.



See – not just pretty faces, our bunnies!


Till next time – love those rabbits.