The Most Cute Chinchilla Video Ever?

Now, we all love watching cute chinchilla videos, seeing pictures and, naturally, seeing chinchillas play and being cute in real life.


So I thought it might be fun if we had a bit of a fun “let’s find the most cute chinchilla video ever made’ challenge.  Of course – they’re all cute, but some definitely have that extra special aaaaaah factor that makes you go all warm and fuzzy inside when you see them.


After having a look on YouTube I came up with this little beauty – simply because I adore seeing a cute chinchilla rolling around in a dust bath.  Not to mention that this little fella is having great fun running up and down the stairs…  See what you think


Video from YouTube and uploaded by MyFunnyChinchilla


So that’s thrown down the gauntlet for you guys to send us your cute chinchilla videos – and then we can share them with the rest of our community.  And of course, we know that they’re all going to be gorgeous, but if we get enough of the SPS family taking part then we can maybe invite everyone to have a vote for their favorite.


If you fancy sharing some footage of your furry friend doing his (or her) very best cute chinchilla act, then you can upload it either to our website or on our Facebook page.


So get filming (and chins – get your cute-o-meter ramped up to the max).


Till next time – love those chinnies…


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