Tips on Caring for Long Haired Guinea Pigs

Of all the different guinea pig breeds, the ones that probably need the most time spent on them on a daily basis are the long haired guinea pigs.


Just the same as humans with long hair, such luxurious tresses need a little more TLC than those who have a short crop.  Some piggies are a mixture between short and long haired guinea pigs – such as the Texel or the Silkie, and then there’s those with seriously long coats – like the Peruvian, who have seriously long coats.


Video from YouTube and uploaded by oggie84


Now, whilst short haired (or, to use the correct term, smooth haired) guinea pigs need brushing every so often, medium and long haired piggies need their coats tending to virtually on a daily basis.  This will help to ensure that the hair remains tangle free and unmatted.


One other aspect of caring for long haired guinea pigs is that they can get very dirty in areas such as around their bottoms.  As you can imagine, going to the bathroom for long haired guinea pigs can sometimes be a messy business.  Trimming the hair (carefully and not too drastically) in this area might be necessary, and you might need to carefully bathe this area every week or so.


Of course, everyone has their favorite way of grooming their long haired guinea pigs, but a wide toothed comb works well, and then finish off with a soft brush to ensure the hairs really are tangle free.


Whilst it might seem quite a lot of work, grooming a guinea pig is perhaps one of the most relaxing things we humans can do.  There’s something hypnotic about spending 10 or 20 minutes brushing long haired guinea pigs.  And when you see how beautiful your piggy looks at the end, that makes it even more satisfying.


Also, once a piggy gets used to being groomed, they absolutely love it as well!


For more information, see this previous post that delves more deeply into various grooming issues that are just as relevant for smooth haired guinea pigs as to the long haired variety.


We’d love to see some pictures and videos of your long haired guinea pigs – either being groomed or simply in their resplendent glory.  So why not send them into us, and we can share your beautiful pets with the rest of the SPS community.  And, naturally, if any owners of long haired guinea pigs have any care tips and advice, then it’d be great to hear from you.


Till next time – love those piggies…


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