Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Guinea Pig

With so many guinea pigs filling rescue centers full to bursting, we thought it would be apt to do a ‘top 10’ list as to why adopting one (or more) of these furry bundles of fun is a great idea.

1.         Guinea pigs are one of the best pets for both giving affection and receiving it.  A piggie    will sit for hours on your lap just enjoying being cuddled.

2.         Piggies are born entertainers.  They can keep you amused for hours on end with their cute antics.

3.         When you adopt a guinea pig from a rescue center then it’s usual for them to have been given a full health check and are likely to have been neutered.

4.         Most rescue centers spend a great deal of time socializing the pigs that come into their care.  They’ll be able to give you a detailed analysis of a piggy’s personality, and in the case of guinea pigs that might have suffered abuse, will only re-home them to those who’re experienced with handling such guinea pigs.

5.         There are so many guinea pigs in shelters and rescue centers that it’s easy to find your perfect match.

6.         When you adopt a guinea pig from a shelter, you know you’re doing your part to not only help the piggie/s you take home, but those that will take its place in the rescue center.

7.         Guinea pigs are great pets for children.  They can help a child learn a sense of responsibility towards another living creature.  Most kids love small, furry animals, and most guinea pigs will be happy to receive as much care and attention as your kids want to give them.

8.         If you’re new to keeping guinea pigs, the staff at the rescue center will be able to advise you on all aspects of care.  From guinea pig hay, to vitamin C, to pellets and exercise – you can get all the information you need before you take your new pet/s home.

9.         As opposed to a dog or even a cat, guinea pigs take up less room in the house and can be considerable cheaper to keep.

10.       And just in case you needed reminding – guinea pigs are probably some of the cutest animals on the planet.  See the video below for some of the cutest images of our piggie friends.

Till next time – love those piggies…

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