What Are Baby Rabbits Called?

Many people think that a baby rabbits is called a bunny, but this is actually just an affectionate nickname for rabbits, and not the correct English name for rabbit babies. So if baby rabbits are not called bunnies, then what are baby rabbits called?

what do you call a baby rabbit

A Baby Rabbit is Called a


The correct term for a baby rabbit is kitten, often shortened to kit. A nest full of rabbit kittens is collectively called a litter. Domestic rabbit babies are born naked, with their eyes closed, and are completely helpless and dependent on the mother for food and warmth. They develop quickly, with soft fur starting to cover the body within a day or two, and the eyes usually opening when the kits are around 10 days old.


The mother rabbit is called a doe, and produces a highly nutritious rich milk, which, because of its high nutritional value, means that she only needs to feed her babies twice a day. In nature this reduces the risk of predators discovering the nest and killing the mother and her babies. Pet rabbits still retain this behavior, and consequently many rabbit owners are fooled into thinking that the mommy rabbit is not feeding her babies, and often remove them for hand-feeding. However, unless the babies are obviously not thriving, it is best to leave the kits with their mother, who is probably feeding them late at night when nobody is around to disturb her.


What Are Baby Hares Called?


Baby hares are called leverets. Unlike baby rabbits, baby hares are born with their eyes open, with fur on the body, and are able to move around freely on their own, enabling them to forage and fend for themselves shortly after being born.


Fun Fact About Baby Rabbits


A lesser known fact is that in ancient times rabbits where in fact called coneys. An adult rabbit was known as a coney, and a baby coney (baby rabbit) was called a rabbit! So, if you want to know what baby rabbits are called, it depends what century you are looking at. If you (or the rabbits) were living in the eleventh century, baby coneys, or baby rabbits were called rabbits, but today in the modern age, baby rabbits are called kits or kittens.