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Easter rabbit rescue love stories

The winners of our Rescue Love Stories, Easter Edition contest were chosen randomly from all participants.  The winners will get a Lake Champlain Chocolate rabbit, if Wolf hasn’t eaten up all the chocolate first.​Our winners are (drumroll please):​Patricia KrauseRod NakamuraJudy Cadman​And here is Angel’s story, the first of the three Easter rescues love stories: My […]

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It is National Hairstyle Appreciation Day, so…

Whoever came up with this national day of recognition, we bet they missed the best hairstyles out there: rabbits and guinea pigs.Honestly.  What human has better hair than this? credit: pinterestWe’ve got the classic Mohawk. credit: pinterestA kind of retro swingy 60s look works great for this rabbit. credit: pinterestThere’s no denying street cred to […]

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Rescue Love Stories Contest, Easter Edition

Have you got a rabbit friend who once was someone’s Easter rabbit?  Tell us about how you and your rabbit found each other!From all our entries, we’ll pick three randomly to receive a the kind of Easter bunnies we believe in: chocolate ones!  (These are extra yummy Lake Champlain Chocolate buns.)Just click below and don’t […]

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Do you attend rabbit events?

Rabbit events are a great way to meet like-minded bunny lovers, and, well, there’s all the cute.  Cute everywhere.There are rabbit jumping contests like this one (click the pic below to watch the video):​ And of course there is the famous Midwest Bunfest, put on every year by the Ohio House Rabbit Rescue.  This year […]

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