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what do chinchillas eat?

What Do Chinchillas Eat? A Comprehensive Nutrition Guide

Wild chinchillas spend their days munching on grass, leaves, and twigs. But in the domestic world, what do chinchillas eat? They won’t be exploring the mountainside, they need a space set up with plenty of nutrients and fiber! Whether you’re a seasoned chinchilla parent or new to the world of small pets, this guide has got … Continue Reading

chinchilla skin issues

Chinchilla Skin Issues? Here’s What You Need To Know

As a chinchilla parent, nothing makes us feel more helpless than seeing our furry friends in distress. Chinchilla skin issues can quickly become a source of worry and stress for parents. Whether it’s watching your chinchilla scratch incessantly or seeing the telltale signs of infection or irritation, it’s always an emotional rollercoaster to see your pet … Continue Reading

The Complete List Of Rabbit Toys For Beginners

What’s The Difference Between 1st Cutting And 2nd Cutting Timothy Hay?

When it comes to hay, you know you have choices. So many choices. Even once you decide on Timothy hay you still need to consider the difference between 1st and 2nd cutting Timothy hay. And even 3rd cutting! The different cuttings result in different nutrients, texture, and looks. 1st and 2nd cutting Timothy hay are … Continue Reading

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