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polydactyl cats

What’s the Deal with Polydactyl Cats?

Kitty cat paws are just the cutest thing ever, aren’t they? Some kitties were born with added cuteness in the form of extra toes. These are called polydactyl cats. Normal cats have 18 toes in total – 5 toes on their front paws and 4 on their hind paws. Polydactyl felines can have as many … Continue Reading

How to prevent hairballs

How to Prevent Hairballs

Nothing gets a cat pawrent out of bed faster than hearing the distinctive *hack hack hack* right next to your pillow at 5am. Hairballs. It happens to everyone. The best treatment is learning how to prevent hairballs.  What are hairballs, exactly?  Besides being super duper gross… hairballs are balled-up clumps of hair that form in kitty’s digestive … Continue Reading

Why do cats do that?

Why Do Cats Do That?

Ever since ancient Egypt, cats have confused humans, including the Small Pet Select staff. Understanding our feline friends is high on our priority list, and we recently published Watch that Tail—Kitty Communication. Continuing this theme, we’re going to explain 10 weird cat behaviors, increasing our fluency in “cat.”Why do cats like baskets and boxes?Recently, I … Continue Reading

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