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Belinda Says Hay spokesrabbit blog: "TikTok"

Belinda Says Hay: “TikTok”

Hello. It’s Belinda. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who celebrates.  Some rabbits call their roommates “Mom.” Which is nice.  Or “Dad,” like at Abigail’s house.   Little Fang and I don’t call our roommate anything in particular. Not to her face anyway. Just kidding. Not sure about the English.  Sometimes I can hear him through the vents but all I can … Continue Reading

Belinda Says Hay weekly blog. "Birthday Goodies Giveaway"

Belinda Says Hay: “Birthday Goodies Giveaway”

Hello. It’s Belinda. If you’re reading this on Sunday, my birthday has come and gone. “But the party continues.” That’s because I came up with the best idea ever for celebrating my big day. It’s a giveaway. That’s right. I told Josh from the warehouse to send some of my favorite treats to 10 lucky winners. Five in the USA … Continue Reading

Belinda the spokesrabbit blog for Easter 2022


​Hello. It’s Belinda. This is a special blog. I wrote it for all the baby rabbits out there who landed in new homes this week. Sometimes their roommates call them “Easter bunnies.”Dear “Easter Bunny,” You don’t know me but I’m a spokesrabbit for Small Pet Select. We sell hay, treats, toys and other goodies. Part of my job is … Continue Reading

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