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How are eggs made?

How Are Eggs Made?

Arguably, the best part of having chickens are making yummy omelets from their eggs. But how are these eggs created? It’s quite a process for your hen.

Chicken crop problems

Chicken Crop Problems

Backyard chickens are super fun to watch as they chase and peck at the dirt for yummy goodies. They are usually not terribly picky about their menu choices either, which is why their digestive system is pretty complex. Like many birds, chicken rely on their crop for proper food digestion. The crop is a muscular pouch … Continue Reading

essential oils and small pet dangers

How To Use Essential Oils Around Pets Safely

By Wendy Dessler  Essential oils are natural substances that can be used to replace harsh chemicals in the home. However, natural doesn’t always mean safe, especially where our pets are concerned. After all, for humans a delicious chocolate truffle is a treat; for dogs, it’s a threat. When using essential oils in the home, it’s important to … Continue Reading

Is your chicken bored?

Is Your Chicken Bored?

Chicken Boredom BustersEveryone gets a little bored sometimes. The same ol’ day in and day out… sigh. And, believe it or not, chickens are pretty sharp little animals. They need something to occupy their minds. Otherwise, like all curious beasties, they can start finding ways to occupy themselves – which probably includes destruction of some … Continue Reading

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